Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Buildings

Wow!  Now that both Claremont and North Branches are temporarily closed, the work on the buildings has begun in earnest.  You may have heard that the library is going for LEED certification, but what you may not know is how exciting that is for all of us.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and has a set of standards set out by the US Green Building Council.  LEED measures many aspects of design and construction, and awards points to projects that rate it's sustainability.  The US Green Building Council has published a wonderful list of frequently asked questions and their answers, read it here and learn more!

Now, on to the photos!  Claremont Branch has undergone quite a transformation already. 
Take a look at the progress:

This may look like a big pile of mess, but it is actually a very organized arrangement of recyclables.  95% of the construction waste will be recycled. 
Here, the mulch made from trees and shrubbery will be saved and reused in the final landscaping of the branch.
Stacks of used carpet tiles and the plastic housing for the florescent lights wait for recycling pick up.  The built-in wood cabinetry is being covered to protect it during demolition and construction.

These bricks, salvaged during demolition, will be used to create the new sign for the library.

Also to be recycled, wood scraps and defunct shelving, toilets (not pictured here), and  nonfunctional metal shelving (not pictured here).

We'll keep the pictures coming!  Soon we'll have photos of the transformation at North Branch....