Sunday, August 28, 2011

North Branch is Bay Friendly!

Just as the Claremont Branch will be BayFriendly rated, so will North Branch.    We are protecting the trees onsite that construction crews are working around each day.  The crew has already mulched all around the walkways to protect the turf, and have protected the trees with netting and by surrounding them with boards.  The much-adored myrtle grove is being protected, just as the olive trees by the entrance.  The landscape architects will be sheet mulching as well. 

The concrete to be used is 25% flyash, which is recycled content that substitues for traditional concrete.  The new paving will use 100% coolsite techniques, keeping the walkways cool by relfecting the sun. 

North Branch will also have weather based drip irrigation to minimize unnecessary watering.  90% of the plants to be used are drought tolerant, and 69% are native to this area. 

Look for new photos of the inside of the branch coming soon!