Monday, November 14, 2011

The Addition at North Branch!

Beautiful new steps to the entrance.  The crew members on the right in the photo are working on the new ramp.  What a huge improvement!

This is part of the top floor of the addition.  This is the staff work room that will house our great employees and volunteers while they work behind the scenes.

This is a huge change!  Formerly the tiny staff lunch room, this room has been expanded, and (as you can see) the roof is just about complete on the new Teen Room. 

This is the lower level of the addition, and in the photo you see the multipurpose room as well as the controls for the radiant floor heating.  We are so looking forward to hosting community events here once we reopen!

Another shot of the Teen Room, here you can see the roof being built.  The front will be glassed in, and the lower level has a door for access to the Community Meeting Room.

Here is a photo of the low concrete wall with built-in lighting in front of the library.  The lights will help illuminate the building, and give folks a spot to enjoy a book or magazine while waiting for the bus or enjoying the sunshine.