Monday, November 21, 2011

Claremont Updates

The outside of Claremont Branch with plastic rain protection.  The crew is laying the sewer for the improved branch.  You can see the green sewer pipe in the center of the photo.  Did you know that sewer pipes are always green? 

An exciting vision for those of us who enjoy modern, efficient, and effective wiring.  This shot shows how the various data and electrical wiring being used in the building are being pulled from this hole in the floor of the Adult Reading Room. 
This is where the wiring eventually ends!  Lots of wiring means that the building can handle our electrical and data needs in this computer age.

This photo shows the insulation used in the new building.  The blue insulation is made of recycled denim, and is used on interior walls for sound absorbtion.  The shiny insulation is on the exterior walls will protect from the heat and cold, and also has a vapor barrier to insulate against water.

Workers are installing the exterior wall insulation in the staff workroom.  Next comes drywall, and the room with really take shape!