Thursday, January 26, 2012

Claremont Update

All of the new drywall has been painted, and the finished vents are in place.

A view from the picture window looking toward the lobby at the front of the building.  All painted, looking gorgeous!

Wow!  A new electrical panel!!

The huge window at the library's lobby was just recently installed.

Exterior painting is in full swing at Claremont.

A bioswale planter is being installed along Ashby.  A bioswale filters out the silt and pollution from rainwater collected through the library's drainage system.

Efficient lights and speakers installed in the ceiling.

Lockers for staff

The canopy just above the doorway is being installed and the ramp is just about completed.

Space-saving cabinetry is installed in the staff work room.

Irrigation trench outside the branch

Water heater!!

New windows in our staff workspace