Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year, one and all!  Today brings exciting new photos of North Branch, hope you enjoy.

The addition is getting the stucco treatment, soon it will be painted.

What a gorgeous, new walkway!  This walkway around the library will help protect our landscaping and keep your shoes nice and clean!!

These may look like dull boxes, but they hold our new elevator!  With two floors, we will now have a state of the art elevator to help us get from one floor to the other.

The new back entrance to the library is just under the large teen picture window.  The patio will have bench seating and the Josephine street entrance will give easy access to special events.

The rotunda is getting fresh plaster, energy efficient windows, and new lighting (including a modern recreation of the original chandelier).

What used to be the Women's restroom is being transformed into an internet computer nook.  This area will have custom shelving installed for our adult computers and printer.

The Teen Room!  It is bright and so much larger than it's original location.

The walls and doorframes in the lower level have been primed and will soon be painted their final color.  We are so looking forward to using this space for special library events!

The outside of the library is also getting painted.  A new door will be installed shortly.