Thursday, February 23, 2012

North Branch!

The Children's Room!  The new shelving is in place!

A great staff workroom in progress....

The office of the Supervising Librarian

This room may look empty know, but it will house a fantastic automated materials handler very soon!

Adult Reading Room!!

This spot will house our digital signage, reducing our need for paper, and will be framed by our great public art.


Hallway with elevator, access to downstairs, restrooms, and water fountains

New paint in the stairs to the Community Meeting Room.  All the accent colors were pulled from our great original colors in the ceilings of the historical part of the library.

Outside patio, complete with finished landscaping.

Community Meeting Room

Beautiful new signs

New Self Check Out area in the lobby

The service desk, in the space where it was originally located in 1936.

New lighting to illuminate the facade of the building

Here we see refurbished light fixtures and  an awning to keep us all dry while returning materials to our book drop that will be open while the library is closed.

Front patio

Landscaping and accessibility ramp along The Alameda