Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rapid change at your new South Branch Library!

 The new, public meeting room at South Branch--as you can see, this room gets incredible light!

The impressive main space of South Branch. This photo is looking east at the Thai Temple.
Beyond these high windows, a zen garden will eventually live, acting as a buffer between the neighboring temple and the library.

 Here is a shot of the Children's Room. This picture looks out at Russell Street.

Here is the new South study room. This glass-enclosed room will provide quiet privacy from the main, adult reading room.

This recessed area will be used for ladder storage by the new Tool Lending Library.

This picture shows the tiles being added to the exterior walls of the new building.

                                          This is the inside of new Tool Library.

This picture shows the Tool Library's entrance, taken from the parking lot. This lot is reserved expressly for short-term parking for Tool Library patrons.

                   Here you can see more of the exterior with the new tiles in place.

                This is where artist, Gina Dominguez's work will be placed.

         This is the facade of South Branch that faces Martin Luther King Blvd.

  And, this final picture captures the exterior of South, looking in at the new meeting room, taken from the corner of Russell and Martin Luther King Blvd.